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Divorced or Widowed?

Are you widowed, divorced or a woman of any age who is suddenly single and is looking for a place to start?

The death of a Spouse/Partner or Finding Yourself Beginning A New Life Following Divorce Can Make You Feel Uncertain and Frustrated.  

 Finding The Right Sources Of Trusted Information Can Be Daunting
(Or Nearly Impossible)

Life doesn’t always go as we’ve planned and whether you’ve been widowed or divorced, it’s often hard to know where to start.  While time does allow us to heal and to begin a new life, there are so many things to do and it seems like you should be doing them all…at once…and that there’s no real help or guidance that you can rely on.

But the truth is that not every action item needs to be done right away (and there is guidance to help you to know what to do in what order).  

In fact, Christine Palmer Hennigan has been a trusted adviser to both widowed and divorced women for her entire career.  She has also, based on years of experience, developed a checklist to help you to navigate your new financial independence and/or the loss of a trusted spouse or partner who may, or may not, have kept you involved with and advised you of your financial situation.  

These checklists: What to Do After a Divorce or What To Do After Losing Your Partner are a place to start for a way to clarify what must be done AND to prioritize the necessary actions.

Client Centered

This checklist is the foundation to cover vital decisions and actions as you build your plan with your trusted advisors, topic should include:

  • Identifying and Truly Understanding Financial Transactions (so that you know and help to build the right investment asset allocation for you),
  • When and How To Retitle Assets Including Homes, Investments and Insurance Policies
  • How to review your disability and life insurance coverages and to learn what you need, how to understand the policies and how to know when it’s ok to cancel a coverage or add more,
  • Why you might need to confirm your social security benefits and what can happen if you don’t,
  • The crucial need to properly update life insurance and IRA/401(k)/403(b) benefits and why those beneficiary designations might be different (get this wrong and it could cost your heirs a huge tax “penalty”),
  • How to create, enact and live happily with a spending plan that supports you now and throughout your life (many divorced or widowed women get this wrong and pay a steep price),
  • What to do if you have minor children or grandchildren to protect them and what you’ve worked hard to provide for them,
  • How to build a team of exactly the right kind of advisers and to be a savvy and intelligent consumer of tax, legal, and investment advice including some of the best questions to ask each type of adviser to avoid “surprises,”
  • The timeline for addressing the many questions and issues that you face as well as finding the time (and/or help) to get them done on time,
  • What are your options for long term care to protect yourself and your children or grandchildren?

Client Centered

Plus you’ll also get simple solutions to issues such as:

  • How to create or properly fund a retirement plan,
  • What it means to confirm your stock and investment basis and why that may have changed if you lost a spouse,
  • Why you may now need to schedule quarterly tax payments or to change your withholding if you’re still working,
  • What legal and estate planning documents need to be reviewed and how often…

So, if these or other questions and issues have been concerning you (or you really want to get started on reorganizing your life and eliminating the right items off your to do list), then it’s quick and easy to get your own copy of Christine’s two valuable and powerful checklists.

Just select the checklist that applies to you and click the button below. It’ll be on the way to your inbox ASAP and you can get started reviewing and improving your own situation and by taking the first steps to becoming better organized and more sure of your course in life.

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