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Investment Planning

We will work with you to evaluate your current portfolio and/or future portfolio needs, taking into account many factors relevant to the investment planning decision.  The client will be well educated and informed to provide an appropriate comfort level before any implementation.

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Insurance Planning

We will help evaluate needs, if any, considering any existing coverage and proposal for appropriate contracts to fill any possible gap.  This is an important foundation of any financial plan and can often be funded very affordably.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is too often overlooked but absolutely critical to solid financial plan.

The ability to design and control your wishes will bring you peace of mind. Additionally, the “roadmap” for your loved ones is one of the best gifts you can leave behind to avoid any confusion or debate about what your wishes were. We will work closely with your Estate Planning Attorney to coordinate all aspects with the proper funding.

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Divorce Planning

Please see tab for Divorce Wealth Strategies, LLC for more information.

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